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Questions for Home Health Care Provider Interviews

by Donn J. Sinclair, MBA – January 10, 2020

When recovering from an injury or illness, your Medicare coverage and your Medigap or Medicare Supplement may pay some of the Home Health Care costs that you incur. When selecting a home care agency for you or a loved one, there are important questions to ask when interviewing home health care agencies.

  • Private duty home care – what year did the agency first offer that service ?
  • State licenses – are the agency staff and home health care agency properly licensed in your state ? More specifically, properly licensed to provide care level your physician ordered ?
  • Which home health care agency staff member coordinates with the patient’s physician to implement the physician developed plan of care ? The plan is evaluated and updated by the agency on what schedule ?
  • What daily notes are maintained to monitor the progress of the patient ?
  • Who and how is quality of care supervised and updated ? How frequent are unscheduled agency supervisory visits on the agency staff?
  • What are the home health care agency ongoing training mandates for their caregivers ? Who supervises the training ?
  • How and by whom are after normal business hour emergencies handled ?
  • Does the home health care agency have on staff nurses, social workers, physical therapists, and other qualified professionals available to provide needed in home care ? If not, with which providers does the home health care agency have an established working relationship ?
  • How do you obtain a written copy of the home health care agency’s privacy policy, ethics code, and mission statement ?
  • What screening techniques are used to screen caregivers ? Do these include reference checks, driving records, credit checks, and criminal background investigations ?
  • Are the home health care agency caregivers W-2 employees or W-9 subcontractors ? Are there any home health care agency incidents of failure to file payroll tax reports, or incidents where the agency failed to pay taxes on a timely basis ?

When it comes to selecting a home health care agency, you should follow the Boy Scouts motto “Be Prepared”. Make certain that you and your loved ones get the care they require and deserve. Also make certain that Medicare and your Medicare Supplement pay as they should for the care received.


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What Are Medicare Supplements ?

by Kristin P. Sinclair – A Accu Tax – April 19, 2020

In order to have a Medicare supplement you first also need to make certain that You will have Medicare Parts A and B on the day Your Medicare Supplement begins. You need to live in the state where your Medicare supplement begins. When You move, You need to notify Your Medicare supplement provider of the plan to move, when You plan to move, Your new address. And plan to have that supplement update Your rates to Your new address service area, or plan to set up a new plan when the seemless transition of coverage is not possible.

When You are making a move from one state to the next You will benefit from what is called a Guarantee issue period. If You have a need to establish a new policy for Your new state location. Of Course Social Security and Medicare also need to know that You are moving are have moved as well. Time is critical when making a move.

When You are simply traveling there is not need to make a change, Your coverage moves with you anywhere in the United States.

When You are choosing Your Medicare supplement You need to keep several things in mind, Your rates will increase. Your rates will increase based upon the claims experience of the company offering Your supplemental coverage as well. If You live in an area that has been hit with a large amount of claims for people with the same company that You have selected You should anticipate that rates will increase in the next year of so. If You live in an area, where as a general rule, folks with the same plan You have selected love to exercise, and have made a deliberate choice to live a healthy lifestyle Your rates might not change as quickly as could happen otherwise. Your rates will not change simply because You have had a large amount of claims or a small amount of claims. You are in an area, with many other policy holders who collectively affect how rate changes occur.

Once You have selected a policy, with the benefits You feel are correct for Your situations, and the policy has been issued and approved by the insurance company; You have accepted the policy and You pay the premiums when they are due, You will benefit from the policy You accepted until You decide to make a change.

You are selecting what is called a standardized policy with a letter designation; when You select a Medicare supplement. Each letter designation has certain benefits that are part of that policy. When a choice is made, and an application is submitted you are applying for coverage. You are applying for coverage with certain benefits and with a Medicare Supplement, when Medicare makes changes Your supplement will make changes to supplement the Original Medicare. As Original Medicare increases cost sharing, Your policy changes to help fill in the gaps based upon the plan You selected. So when the Original Medicare increases cost sharing and Your policy changes You will see a premium change which could take place for various reasons.

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