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Showcasing Your Home to Sell

by Donn J. Sinclair, MBA – November 8, 2018

Curb to Door Appeal:

Your home’s first impression should entice and appeal to buyers as they pull up to your home. The roof and gutters should be free of any visible leaves and debris. You might hose down the outside and use a soft brush or sponge mop to clean hard to reach windows and frames. Thoroughly clean the front entryway: including windows, the door, and door frame. Do your window and door frames need a quick coat of paint ? Fertilize your lawn early and trim back shrubs and trees to make your home appear larger. Accentuate the grounds with colorful plants and flowers in freshly mulched areas.


Set the Stage in Your Rooms:

Buyers want and need to imagine that your home should be their home. Start in your home’s main living area and thoroughly clean and de-clutter. This is the best time to pack up your family photos, trophies, posters, etcetera. Maximize your floor and visual space when you clear high traffic areas of excess furnishings. These steps visually expand and brighten your home to allow prospects more space and light to visualize their furnishings in your home. Now clean and clear your way through the rest of your home to make it all sparkle and shine.


Repair and Maintenance:

Most buyers are not looking for a fixer-upper. Rather buyers want to close on their loan and move in with their stuff. From light bulbs to the sink disposal everything that should work – must work. Your buyer should be visualizing enjoying themselves in your home – not making a to do list. Send a positive message that your home has been well maintained. First tackle the least expensive and easiest repairs to whittle down your list. Know your limits and acquire or hire help for those projects beyond your abilities. Remember this is repair and maintenance – not remodel and renovate.


Trash or Treasure:

Cabinets, closets, drawers, built-in shelves, attics, basements, and garages all feel larger and sell faster with less stuff. The fastest, easiest, and nearly painless way to de-clutter is to sort to four areas: move, maybe move, donate, and trash. Trash the trash and don’t look back. Place the donated items in your vehicle and immediately donate these items. Pack both the move and maybe move items and make your final decisions at your new home. Keep your garage, basement, or attic large and open – store your packed items off site with a family member, trusted friend, or at a self-storage facility.


Updated in Rock Hill SC and Charlotte NC

by Donn J. Sinclair, MBA   (803)329-0609

November 8, 2018



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