Retirement Income Tax Planning

Retirement Income Tax Planning

by Kristin P. Sinclair – A Accu Tax – February 19, 2020

Recently Carol has had to make several expensive trips to the car repair shop, and she has decided now is the time to trade up.  Carol researched 2020 models earlier this month and found a new small truck that fits her lifestyle.  Carol feels this truck will provide her reliable transportation and has a warranty that will provide her peace of mind.

Carol has not had a car payment for five years.  She has been saving for her down payment, and would like to pay off her new truck in three years or less.  Carol does not have a home mortgage payment, and has two credit cards that she pays off every month.  She feels confident that she will qualify for a low interest rate truck loan.  Obviously, Carol has been considering many factors in this truck purchase decision.  

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