Medicare 2020 Parts A, B, C, and D

Medicare 2020 Parts A, B, C, and D

by Kristin P. Sinclair   March 8, 2020

Let’s talk Medicare, exercise, and cost sharing.

Original Medicare has several parts to it: Part A Hospital stays and Skilled Nursing events after Hospitalization. Hospice Care falls under Original Medicare Part A. If you need a blood transfusion while at the hospital that falls under the Original Medicare Part A .

Each of those above Mentioned items You as the Medicare Beneficiary have cost sharing responsibilities. With Medicare having no out of pocket limit on your cost sharing you need to find a way to limit your exposure to financial obligations.

Medicare Part D is the Drug coverage available to the Medicare Beneficiary. Medicare Part D is offered by Insurance companies that have plans designed to meet the guidelines established by the Government. Medicare Part D has a premium, each plan is going to have a premium unique to that plan and formulary. Plans are going to applicable to different geographic areas. That area might be a state or the area might be a multistate region. And different regions could have a carrier like one found in all other regions because they have a national presence. And in some areas you might see a carrier name that is not familiar to you.

Medicare Part C is the plan design that is chosen when the Medicare Beneficiary wants the Insurance Company to handle their Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B and often also their Medicare Part D all in one plan that the government has approved as a Medicare Part C plan design, called a Medicare Advantage Plan. Where You usually are going to be using a network of Doctor’s. If not using a network doctor plan on making a change of doctors or a change in plans. Your primary physician wants to be the anchor for your care with your specialists. Different plan are designed to more effectively address the care needs of select groups of people with certain health events, covered cost efficiently by the plan. When you choose an MAPD it quite often means you plan to pretty much stay near home most of the annual period and do not plan to do a lot of traveling.

A Medicare Supplement is an Insurance Plan offered by an Insurance company, and the plan design chosen is going to help fill the gaps in the original Medicare coverage. Once issued so long as you pay your premiums when due you can keep the policy, it is renewal for life. With a Medicare supplement added to the original Medicare Parts A and B you are free to seek your health care from any healthcare provider who accepts Original Medicare. You are free to self refer to a specialist even if that specialist is in a different region of the country. But it is always wise to have your primary physician aware of the folks who are on your care team. And aware of the reasons you are receiving treatment being sought.

Medicare has a Welcome to Medicare Visit that you should take advantage of in the first year you are on Medicare. And then you should have your annual preventative exams as well. If you need to go to the Doctor for a visit that is not considered Preventative that is when your deductible and cost sharing will be applicable.

Questions to ask yourself, do you exercise regularly, with intention to do what you can do to stay as healthy as possible. Since many of the health crisis events that folks can be forced to deal with, might be avoidable with Exercise, Diet, and Relaxation techniques. What are you doing or intend to do to begin minimizing un-necessary medical events. If you are active and enjoy walking and sports and relaxation techniques and as a result take few medications great job keep up those life style choices. There are plans designed for folks who have that world view.

Questions to ask yourself, do you intentional avoid exercise, and eat what you like knowing a consequence might surface as a result and decide that you are okay with the prospect that you might be a person who uses a high degree of health care at some point in time. Well there are plans designed for you as well.

Questions to ask yourself, do you want to begin to take a different approach to your health care now that, you have the time to make taking care of yourself a new focus in your life. Well there are plans designed for you as well.

My hope is of course that a goal for all of us, is to exercise, and practice deep breathing, and walk where the scenery is relaxing and calming. And lift light weights, even while sitting. Lift light weights while standing. And lift light weights even while exercising on the floor. And then get a realistic meal and then head out properly dressed for a walk after eating. And then get ready for your day. Roll up your attitude and take on the day ahead of you. And then do some more relaxing walking at the end of your busy day. Which will certainly help you get more relaxed and ready to enjoy a light meal and then a couple of hours later lay down and call it a great day well spent.

More to follow on more specific details.

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by Kristin P Sinclair     A Accu Tax (803)329-0615

March 8, 2020