Term Life Insurance

@Sinclair Financial Solutions we feature some of the lowest term life insurance rates available. Whether you live in Charleston SC, Rock Hill SC, Charlotte NC, or Wilmington NC we are just a click away from shopping rights to help you save money. We compare rates with 25 or more national insurance companies to find you the best policy on the best terms.

Term life insurance normally provides the most life insurance coverage for the least amount of premium dollars. Thus it is pure basic insurance coverage, inexpensive and easy to understand. Term Life Insurance provides your family all of the coverage you need, and none that you don’t. That’s why it’s the best choice for almost everyone.

As the name implies, a term insurance policy is good for a specific period of time: that can be 1Year Term Life, 5 Year Term Life, 10 Year Term Life, 20 Year Term Life, or even up to 30 Year Term Life Insurance. When the named insured dies while the Term Life Insurance Policy is in force, then the current named beneficiaries normally would receive the policy proceeds.

Given that your life insurance needs should change over your lifetime, please phone today and let’s talk about what term life insurance policy might best suit your current family needs. Donn Sinclair is currently licensed in licensed to sell Term Life Insurance in NC, SC, OH, OR, SC, and VA (NIPR #125783).

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