Let’s Talk Medicare 2020

Let’s Talk Medicare 2020

by Kristin P. Sinclair   January 13, 2019

We know that Medicare has several different parts. Today We will focus on some basics.

Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B.  In another article We will look at things in more depth. For today the basics.

In the Original Medicare Part A there is a deductible and cost sharing for covered services.  The hospital deductible is $1408.00 for 2020 per benefit period.  The benefit period in a continuous or unbroken number of days within a calendar year.  So a person in the hospital on different occasions during the annual period could actually have multiple deductibles.  And multiple cost sharing co-pays.  Medicare does not cover all costs so it is important to have coverage above and beyond Medicare Part A.   Whether a Nursing Home visit is in order after a hospital visit or you head home to recover, health care has costs associated with utilization of health care. More on that later.

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